Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dare to be Different

Hey everyone! How is that challenge going?
Sorry it's been so long since new inspiration has been brought to you! Anyway, so I just wanted to say a few things about life! Well here it goes, so a BIG reason I was bullied in middle school was because I was different. I didn't agree with the way the "popular girls" talked to other kids and how they made fun of them. I was that one kid who would take being a loser any day instead of being popular and mean; so those crazy kids decided that was a good reason to hate me (haha I also went to a school that looked like a prison and that a bunch of crazy people went to... it was intense...).
Lately I've been thinking, but what's so wrong with being different? Being different is what makes everyone awesome and crazy in their own special way :D! Individuality is the most amazing thing ever! That would suck more than a monkey if EVERYONE played guitar or if EVERYONE could draw amazingly-like! Sure you may wish that you could be more like the kid who can run 6 miles without breaking a sweat, or that other kid who can sing like a beast; but luckily enough, God decided to give everyone some special, awesome, unique something about them! So point is, be proud of who you are! Embrace that one thing that sets you apart from the rest of the world and dare to be different! :D





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