Hey there! My name is Addie, and I operate this blog along with my friend Katelynn.  Last summer, something exciting happened... I got up early. Getting up early isn't really something that I do during the summer, but I guess it was fate that got me up. I was bored, so I decided to watch the Today Show. Well, on it, there was an interview about this amazing person who started a cause called "Operation Beautiful". Basically, it was an organization that involved women posting notes in random public places that said "you are beautiful!" I was inspired...

I sort of forgot about Operation Beautiful, until later I told my friend Katelynn about it... she was inspired, and we started posting notes in the bathroom at our school.

Well, after a while, we had an idea... we wanted to inspire more people. Notes were great, but only a few people saw them... In one of our classes, we got an assignment to build a website. That caused us to have an idea... What if we had a website and started our own version of Operation Beautiful for high school girls?That day at lunch, we planned out the whole thing. We decided to make a website... a blog, so we could both work on it. Then we thought about forming a club where we inspire other girls, and redefine the word "beautiful". So here I am writing this... who knows where this will take us, but we hope that we'll be able to change the world!!

Here are some "Bathroom Mirrior" Notes we've posted :)