Friday, December 31, 2010


Hello, beautiful people!

So, who's up for a blog challenge?

We've come up with one for you: The You Are Beautiful challenge. What is it? Let me explain.

We know y'all are beautiful, BUT, we don't know is what makes you beautiful. We want you do a blog post telling us why you're beautiful! You can do a vlog (video blog), a list of reasons why, a poem, a short story, a picture, just a normal post, WHATEVER! Just let us know why you're beautiful! When you do this, be sure to link it back to us, and invite your readers to do the challenge, too. Feel free to tag people if you wish! With any luck, this can spread all over the blogsphere, inspiring girls and women everywhere.

Some guidelines for doing the challenge:
-Remember that beauty isn't only on the outside. Sure, you can include outer features in this, but inner beauty is what really counts.
-Don't be afraid of bragging!
-Make it as creative as possible!
-Have fun with it!
-If you do this challenge, be sure to leave a link to your post in a comment.  We would love to see what you guys do!
-Wanna see an example? Check my blog and also Katelynn's blog! We don't have ours up just yet, but we will soon :)

Now go show the world how beautiful you really are!


  1. I have to do this. How is the question.

  2. oh my parents would kill me if i did a braggy blog post. but it's a great idea! and, addie, do whatever you want with the photos! this is a creativity photo contest! have fun with it!

  3. Cassidy, the post doesn't have to be braggy, it just has to explain why you're beautiful! The reason I wrote "don't be afraid of bragging" is because some people, myself included, would be worried that it sounds like bragging... Haha so that's why...

  4. Ooooh, this shall be interesting! I have an idea, I'll let you know when I post it... although it might not be soon! XD Happy new year! <3

  5. That is a great idea!!! I just may do that post!! Great post!!

  6. Cool idea! I'm pretty modest, so it'll be sorta hard to post it, but I'll do it soon!

    Awesome blog. Love the message(:


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