Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Little About Addie

Hey, I'm Addie!  I'm not very good at writing these "little bit about yourself" things, because I always feel so weird writing about myself!  I guess I'll just try my best here... Okay, well I love to do anything that lets me use my creativity... Playing guitar, doing crafts, cooking, writing (except about myself!).

I'm a super-happy person, and I look at the world with a "half-full" attitude.  A lot of people call me an optimist... I love to help other people, no matter how big or how small the problem may be.  All of those things are probably the reason I love the idea of Operation Beautiful so much!  I believe a lot of people are way more beautiful than they give themselves credit for, and need to stop the negative thoughts!  I hope with this site we can inspire others and help change the world :) So don't forget...

SMILE! You are beautiful!

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