Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Makeup Free Monday?

It seems like the girls on TV, in movies, or in magazines; are perfect. They aren't though. They cover up their inner beauty and their true selves with makeup. The video below is what a real model does before she goes to a photo shoot. So what if one day a week we didn't wear any makeup and showed everyone that we have real beauty? We don't need makeup because we are awesome and amazing in every way! I really hope you notice that the girl in the video was pretty before and after she had makeup on, and I'm sure that you are too.

Evolution - A Dove Film @ Yahoo! Video


  1. Hey Addie, OF COURSE I remember you! This is a great blog; I'm following! :)


  2. Great idea. People do so much to hide their outward flaws which in turn intimidates everyone into thinking they are not approachable. By doing this, no one ever truly gets to see the inner beauty.

    I fully support your cause.

  3. Addie! <3 :)
    Ooh, your new blog is so cool! I love the idea of Make up free Monday! Everyone's beauuuutiful! <3


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